Goodyear Developed Special Tyre for NASA

Goodyear and NASA have designed a great tyre to ensure safe, successful, space exploration. Astronauts know that they cannot afford to puncture a tyre when they are millions of miles away from the nearest garage. It is important that they adapt quickly to any surface to prevent unnecessary problems. NASA and Goodyear likely consider every detail during the design phase of the project. These tyres will likely be better and more expensive than regular ones. Quality is essential which suggests that NASA is willing to pay for great service and a superior product. The load bearing springs protect the tyre and allow it to function until it is replaced with a new one.

Goodyear and NASA collaborated to create the perfect tyre for the hot, rocky, ground of Mars and the moon. The tyre consists of 800 load bearing springs and metallic mesh to help it cope with space conditions. The springs allow people to use the tyres even if they are punctured as they adjust it until it is replaced with a new one.  NASA knows that it will not be satisfied until it has the best tyres available.

These tyres need to adjust to that they and their users do not feel on earth. They can adapt to any surface they are expected to drive over. These tyres are mechanically superior to those that are use for earth road and off road conditions. Experts check to ensure that the standard is maintained to prevent tyre problems in space. NASA will likely conduct final tests before using them on Martian soil. Goodyear is often seen as a great tyre business which suggests that it was likely chosen for its quality products and service.

Regular tyres do not need as much care and attention to detail and as specialised ones. Standard tyres can be fixed at a local garage whereas NASA tyres cannot. If these special tyres are punctured they will likely remain flexible as other springs compensate for the damaged one. The rubber is specifically designed to cope with extreme conditions such as the Martian heat. Greater exposure to ultra violet (UV) radiation suggests that standard tyres would be even more vulnerable to wear and tear than they are on earth. Spring loads were added to the tyres to give them extra traction as this strengthens and protects them from harm.

NASA knows that it cannot afford to provide its astronauts with poor quality tyres which suggest that it needed to design a reliable tyre to prevent problems in space. Experts collaborated with Goodyear to create the ideal tyre for space exploration. They know that their astronauts cannot go to the nearest garage for help as they can with regular tyres. It consists of springs which provide flexibility and compensate if one is damaged. Attention to detail is essential to ensure safety and a successful mission. These tyres are more expensive are more expensive that standard ones. In conclusion space tyres are tougher than regular ones as they need to withstand the harsh Martian conditions.